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EXCITING NEWS....Elna Sewing Machines now available at Tickled Pink!

Elna Swiss Design and excellence by your side

Our Company

A symbol of innovation and high standards of service, the elna brand is recognized for the unrivalled quality of our products and the elegant design of our sewing machines. Since our founding in 1940, elna has always been a pioneer in innovation with the introduction of a multitude of ground-breaking models featuring remarkable advances on the fronts of technology, design and user comfort.

Our Products

Our range includes a wide selection of sewing, embroidery and overlock machines. By integrating automation and technological advances, we continue to improve the performance of elna products to meet our customers’ expectations. Most importantly, we design machines that ensure user-friendly operation to offer everlasting sewing pleasure and enhance creativity.

Our Heritage

Ever since its founding, Elna has played a significant role in the sewing industry as a result of numerous groundbreaking innovations that have placed our products in a class of their own.

With the Elna # 1 in 1940, we launched the first ever compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm. This innovative model was followed by many other breakthroughs, among which the elna Supramatic introducing expandability of stitch packages or the elnapress, the first home ironing press.

Swiss Design

The elna Lotus launched in 1968 is a perfect example of our brand’s expression of modernity. With its unique and still unrivaled design, this compact sewing machine offered a totally innovative concept: the all-in-one! That’s why this iconic model was selected to be part of the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA).

The contemporary editions of the elna Lotus remain true to the original spirit and integrate smart design solutions that increase user comfort.

Sustainable Sewing

Elna’s high quality standards and excellent after-sale service translate into product durability, Our sewing machines’ extended lifetime means that it is not necessary to replace them with a new one in a short time. As a result, this can save resources and energy, and ultimately helps protecting our planet for future generations.

A warranty is automatically included with our products when purchased new from an Authorized Elna Dealer demonstrates that we positively believe in their longevity.